Vietnamese Billionaire Fraud: Truong My Lan Sentenced to Death

June 5, 2024


Vietnamese billionaire Truong My Lan has been sentenced to death for orchestrating a $44 billion fraud. The court in Ho Chi Minh City found Lan guilty of scamming the Saigon Commercial Bank over 11 years. This case is part of Vietnam’s major anti-corruption campaign. Alongside Lan, 85 other defendants faced charges, with all found guilty. Four received life sentences, while others got varying prison terms.

Source: BBC


The sentencing of Truong My Lan, a prominent business figure, underscores the scale of corruption in Vietnam. Lan exploited her position at Saigon Commercial Bank, using shell companies and proxies to control over 90% of the bank’s shares. This allowed her to secure loans amounting to 93% of the bank’s total lending. Despite repaying some of these loans, she manipulated the system to retain collateral assets. The trial highlighted the country’s struggle with endemic corruption, revealing a complex network of bribery and financial manipulation.



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Source: Brainwave Science