NEWS  In a major victory against Kuwait drug smuggling, the Coast Guard successfully thwarted two

NEWS Turkey border drug smuggling efforts yielded a major success, with authorities seizing a record-breaking

NEWS The counterterrorism operation of Turkey codenamed Bozdoğan-12, resulted in the arrest of 139 suspects

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NEWS  The NoName ransomware group claims responsibility for a cyberattack targeting key Danish websites, including

NEWS  A Major UK Fraud Bust known as Operation Henhouse has resulted in over 400

NEWS Finnish Parliament’s information systems were targeted in a sophisticated cyberattack discovered in 2020. Finnish

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NEWS  Hong Kong authorities have made a record-breaking seizure of over $10 million worth of

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NEWS British billionaire Joe Lewis has been fined $5 million and sentenced to three years

NEWS   Canadian officials seized nearly 600 stolen vehicles at Montreal Port, breaking up a

NEWS   The US Justice Department reached a $1.5M fraud settlement involving lab marketers, companies, and