UK Irregular Migration Report: Could iCognative™ Offer Solutions?

April 24, 2024


The Home Office released statistics on irregular migration to the UK for the year ending December 2023. Key findings include a decrease in overall irregular arrivals, particularly small boat arrivals, and a fluctuating demographic breakdown of those arriving. The report explores asylum claims, potential modern slavery victims, and returns in connection to irregular migration.

Source: GOV.UK


Irregular migration into the UK remains a complex challenge with shifting trends. The decline in overall arrivals and small boat crossings in 2023 offers a positive sign compared to previous years. However, the changing demographics of irregular arrivals highlight the need for adaptable policies and strategies. The significant decrease in Albanian arrivals and the persisting presence of Afghan individuals demand focused attention. Additionally, the link between irregular migration and asylum claims underscores the strain on the UK’s asylum system, as many small boat arrivals seek asylum.



iCognative™, a potent investigative tool, uncovers hidden knowledge within a suspect’s mind. By inputting confidential details and strategically presenting them to the suspect, iCognative™ determines familiarity. It holds promise as a valuable tool in the UK’s fight against illegal immigration and dismantling people-smuggling networks. 

iCognative™ aids UK’s fight against illegal migration by revealing hidden knowledge, potentially saving time and resources. However, it should be used alongside traditional methods and ethical considerations.

Source: Brainwave Science