Turkish Espionage Ring Busted: 7 Suspects Arrested

May 7, 2024


In a recent joint operation conducted by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and Istanbul police, Turkish authorities have detained seven individuals for suspected espionage activities, alleging links to Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. Among those arrested is a former police official, emphasizing ongoing concerns about foreign espionage within Turkey. These arrests are part of broader efforts to protect the nation’s security interests, especially concerning groups with connections to the Middle East.

Source: Daily Sabah News


The incident underscores the complex nature of international relations and the intricate balance required to manage both domestic and foreign security concerns. It demonstrates the challenges nations face in safeguarding sensitive information while maintaining diplomatic ties, particularly when the individuals involved have prior positions of authority and access. 



iCognative™, analyzes brainwave patterns to potentially uncover hidden knowledge. In the Turkey espionage case, investigators could present suspects with carefully designed stimuli related to the alleged Mossad operation. Individuals with deeper knowledge of the operation, even if not yet identified, could exhibit distinct brainwave patterns compared to those truly innocent. This could help investigators not only confirm the guilt of the arrested suspects but also expose potential collaborators who haven’t yet confessed. 

While traditional methods identified the spies, iCognative™ could have unmasked collaborators and assessed the former official’s true loyalties, potentially leading to a more complete picture of the espionage network. 

Source: Brainwave Science