Turkey Counter-Terrorism Operation Nets 139 Suspects

May 27, 2024


In a major Turkey counter-terrorism operation codenamed Bozdoğan-12, Turkish police, under the coordination of the Anti-Terrorism Department and Intelligence Directorate, have detained 139 suspects across 15 provinces. The operation targeted members of a separatist terrorist organization allegedly planning attacks during the Nevruz holiday. 

Source: Daily Sabah


This Turkey counter-terrorism operation involved simultaneous raids across various provinces, leading to the arrest of 139 individuals suspected of engaging in terrorist activities. The suspects were accused of spreading terrorist propaganda on social media and plotting attacks on security forces, public transportation, and buildings during the Nevruz celebrations. Along with the arrests, authorities also confiscated unlicensed firearms and digital materials as evidence, further solidifying the case against the alleged terrorists.



iCognative™ employs advanced brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge. In the Turkish counterterrorism operation, authorities could expose suspects to stimuli related to the alleged plot (e.g., images of targeted locations, symbols of the separatist group, or excerpts from their propaganda). Those with deeper knowledge would exhibit unique brainwave patterns. This technology could help identify not only the arrested individuals but also higher-level figures within the terrorist network who may have evaded initial capture. 

In this counter-terrorism operation, iCognative could potentially uncover the full extent of the plot, identify key figures, and reveal any remaining threats, ensuring the safety and security of the nation during the Nevruz celebrations.

Source: Brainwave Science