Turkey Border Drug Smuggling Bust Nets 850kg of Heroin

April 18, 2024


Turkey border drug smuggling efforts yielded a major success, with authorities seizing a record-breaking 850 kilograms of heroin at the Habur Customs Gate. Additional operations have resulted in further seizures of narcotics and smuggled goods, estimated at a total value of over TL 140 million.

Source: Daily Sabah


Turkey’s location makes it a potential transit point for drug trafficking routes between Asia and Europe. Large-scale seizures like this highlight the ongoing efforts of Turkish law enforcement to disrupt these networks. The significant value of the confiscated drugs underscores the lucrative nature of this illegal trade.



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The record-breaking heroin seizure and other recent successes demonstrate Turkey’s commitment to combating drug trafficking. Utilizing tools like iCognitive could further enhance investigative capabilities, helping dismantle smuggling networks, and protecting citizens from the harmful effects of illicit drugs. With its near-99% accuracy, iCognative has the potential to disrupt the operations of criminal organizations involved in this dangerous trade.

Source: Brainwave Science