Transnational Drug Smuggling Operation Foiled: Major Cocaine Busts in Ireland and Denmark

May 14, 2024


A significant cocaine seizure in Denmark may be linked to a transnational drug smuggling operation intercepted in West Cork, Ireland. Gardaí are actively investigating the potential connection. In Denmark, authorities discovered several bags of cocaine washed ashore near Sjællands Odde. Meanwhile, in Ireland, the operation led to the arrest of ten individuals. Authorities also seized wetsuits, diving gear, and electronic devices.

Source: Irish Examiner


This investigation sheds light on the complex nature of transnational drug smuggling networks. The timing and scale of both seizures strongly suggest a potential link, despite the geographical distance. Furthermore, the suspected involvement of an international crew in West Cork reinforces the likelihood of a coordinated operation across borders.



iCognative™ uses advanced brainwave analysis to uncover hidden information. In the West Cork drug bust and Danish cocaine seizure cases, suspects are presented with operation-related stimuli like seized cocaine packages and details of boats and coastal locations. Those with deeper involvement show distinct brainwave patterns, aiding in identifying both arrested individuals and higher-ranking figures in the trafficking network. 

iCognative™ could be a game-changer in this case, potentially uncovering hidden network connections and revealing the full extent of the drug trafficking operation responsible for this substantial seizure. 

Source: Brainwave Science