iCognative™ is crucial in the fight against trafficking

Trafficking is a serious crime that poses a significant threat to public safety and security. However, the fight against trafficking can be hindered by the constant influx of tips and the presence of deceitful actors who give false information. This can make the process of investigating and intercepting potential trafficking threats time-consuming and inefficient. One of the most essential tools in the fight against trafficking is iCognative™ technology, which is based on P300 science. This cutting-edge brain-computer interface technology measures the electrical activity of the brain in response to specific stimuli.

Use iCognative™ to view the involuntary responses of suspects, providing quick data that can confirm serious threats and clear false leads

A powerful tool against trafficking

iCognative™ technology is non-invasive and does not violate human rights. It is safe and easy to administer after simple training. The deceptive tactics of traffickers do not stand up to iCognative’s black and white results, making it a powerful tool in the fight against trafficking.

With iCognative™ you can:

  • discover a suspect’s ties to known criminals or organizations
  • link a suspect to classified details of a crime and prove guilt
  • confirm a suspect’s future intentions to prevent future violations
  • exonerate the innocent and distinguish witnesses to avoid false leads
  • discover the trail of operations and hierarchies in organized criminal groups
  • gather accurate data within minutes to narrow the investigation quickly
  • reveal false travel documents and identities to flag suspicious activity