TotalEnergies Mozambique Investigation in France

May 8, 2024


French authorities have launched a TotalEnergies Mozambique investigation following a deadly 2021 insurgent attack near the company’s LNG project. Survivors and victims’ families accuse the energy giant of negligence and indirect manslaughter. They claim TotalEnergies failed to adequately inform subcontractors of security threats and lacked proper safety and evacuation plans. TotalEnergies has rejected these allegations, stating a security plan was implemented.

Source: Reuters


This case underscores the complex challenges faced by multinationals in conflict zones. Companies have a responsibility to protect employees and contractors. However, ensuring safety in volatile regions is extremely difficult. The Mozambique investigation will examine TotalEnergies’ risk assessments, communication practices, and the limits of corporate responsibility in such environments.



iCognative™ works by inputting confidential details about an event – security protocols, evacuation plans, or known insurgent tactics. Investigators then present suspects with related stimuli (images, text, etc.). A distinct brain response suggests the suspect possesses deeper knowledge of the situation. Here’s how iCognitive could aid in this type of investigation:

The TotalEnergies investigation highlights the scrutiny facing corporations operating in conflict zones. While iCognitive offers investigative potential, strengthening preventative measures is crucial. Companies must prioritize thorough risk assessments, transparent communication, and robust emergency plans to protect those working in dangerous areas.

Source: Brainwave Science