Ticketmaster Hit by Massive Data Breach

June 25, 2024


Ticketmaster, a dominant player in online ticket sales, is facing a potential data breach affecting a staggering 560 million users worldwide. Hackers claim to have stolen names, addresses, phone numbers, and even partial credit card details. This incident raises serious concerns about data security in the ticketing industry and the potential consequences for millions of customers.

Source: BBC


The scale of this alleged breach, if confirmed, is unprecedented. Millions of users could be exposed to identity theft, phishing scams, and financial fraud. The impact on Ticketmaster’s reputation and customer trust could be significant.



iCognitive™ utilizes brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge potentially linked to criminal activity. This technology presents individuals with questions or scenarios related to the data breach, while monitoring their brainwave patterns. Specifically, iCognitive measures the P300 wave, a well-documented response that occurs when someone recognizes familiar information. By analyzing these brainwaves, iCognitive may reveal hidden knowledge about the breach or stolen data that a suspect might not consciously disclose.

While the validity of the Ticketmaster breach remains uncertain, it underscores the critical need for robust data security measures. iCognitive, offers a potential glimpse into the future of cybersecurity. By analyzing brainwaves, it could aid investigations by revealing hidden knowledge from criminals.

Source: Brainwave Science