Thai Police Corruption Scandal: Deputy Chief Investigated for Money Laundering

May 23, 2024


Thailand’s Royal Thai Police is embroiled in a widening Thai Police Corruption Scandal following the arrest and subsequent release on bail of Deputy National Police Chief Surachate Hakparn for alleged money laundering linked to an online gambling network.

Source: BenarNews


This Thai Police Corruption Scandal highlights growing concerns about the integrity of high-ranking officials within the force. The charges against Surachate, a prominent figure involved in numerous high-profile cases, have further fueled public distrust and calls for reform. The case also reveals internal tensions and power struggles within the police hierarchy, as evidenced by the suspension of both Surachate and the national police chief amid accusations and counter-accusations. 



iCognative™ utilizes brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge. In the Thai police investigation, authorities could expose Gen. Surachate and other suspects to stimuli related to the online gambling network, such as transaction details or key player information. If individuals possess deeper knowledge, their brains will exhibit unique P300-MERMER patterns, potentially identifying those involved in the alleged money laundering scheme.

In the ongoing investigation of Deputy Police Chief Surachate, iCognative™ could be crucial. This technology could expose the truth behind his alleged involvement, restore public trust, and ultimately aid in the fight against corruption within the Thai police force.

Source: Brainwave Science