Swedish Police Leaks to Gangs: Can iCognative™ Fix It?

May 6, 2024


Swedish police are currently under intense scrutiny. Investigations have revealed a pattern of confidential information leaks to violent gangs. Some employees have been manipulated into sharing sensitive data, including details about rival gangs. These leaks have led to revenge attacks and murders, which have prompted urgent concern from Sweden’s Prime Minister.

Source: EuroNews


This situation exposes the insidious tactics organized crime uses to undermine law enforcement. It also reveals vulnerabilities within police systems that gangs actively exploit. These leaks aggravate Sweden’s gang violence problem and raise concerns about possible similar infiltration attempts in other countries.



iCognative™ offers a unique advantage in investigating these leaks. By analyzing brainwaves, it could potentially uncover hidden knowledge. Envision officers undergoing scans while exposed to details about the leaks, such as specific gang members, locations, or communication methods. Officers with deeper knowledge might exhibit distinct brainwave patterns, even if they have not confessed or left traditional evidence.

While these leaks represent a serious security breach, iCognative™ offers a promising investigative tool. It has the potential to identify compromised officers, uncover hidden connections, and protect against future infiltration attempts.

Source: Brainwave Science