Sweden Ransomware Attack Cripples Liquor Supply Chain

May 25, 2024


A Sweden ransomware attack on Skanlog, the main logistics provider for the country’s sole liquor retailer Systembolaget, has triggered a nationwide alcohol shortage. The attack, attributed to a North Korean group, has paralyzed Skanlog’s operations, causing widespread disruption to Systembolaget’s supply chain and leaving shelves bare.

Source: The Record


This Sweden ransomware attack has directly crippled Skanlog’s operations, causing a halt in deliveries of alcoholic beverages to Systembolaget nationwide. As the sole retailer of alcoholic beverages above 3.5% ABV in Sweden, Systembolaget is facing significant supply chain disruption. The shortages could affect a wide range of products, including beer, wine, spirits, and even paper bags. While a complete dry-out is not expected, specific brands may become scarce until Skanlog’s operations are restored. Systembolaget is exploring backup plans to mitigate the impact but cannot guarantee full availability of all products. The incident highlights the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyberattacks and the potential for widespread disruption. It also raises concerns about state-sponsored cybercrime. 



iCognative™ employs advanced brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge. In this case, authorities could expose suspects to stimuli related to the ransomware attack on Skanlog (e.g., ransomware code snippets, communication logs, or financial transactions). Those with deeper knowledge would exhibit unique brainwave patterns (P300-MERMER), revealing their involvement. This technology could help identify not only the suspected ransomware group but also any potential accomplices within Skanlog or other organizations who may have facilitated the attack. 

In this ransomware attack, iCognative could potentially identify those responsible and uncover hidden accomplices by detecting knowledge of the attack through brainwave analysis, thus aiding the investigation and future prevention. 

Source: Brainwave Science