Spain Data Breach DGT: Millions Exposed

June 17, 2024
cyber attack


A major cyberattack on Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) has sparked concerns about a potential Spain Data Breach DGT, affecting millions of drivers. Authorities investigate reports of a hacker forum offering information on 34.5 million individuals, sparking fears of compromised personal details.

Source: TheOlivePress


This incident highlights the growing threat posed by cyberattacks on government databases. The potential exposure of millions of drivers’ data, including names, addresses, and vehicle information, could have significant consequences for individuals and national security.



iCognitive is a technology with the potential to revolutionize cybercrime investigations. By analyzing brainwave activity, it could provide investigators with new avenues to explore. Unlike traditional methods, iCognitive might reveal hidden knowledge even if a suspect is not consciously aware of it.

iCognitive could be a powerful tool for identifying those responsible for the attack and recovering stolen data. This technology holds promise for improving the future of cybercrime investigations.

Source: Brainwave Science