Singapore Anti-Money Laundering Operation: Tenth Person Sentenced

June 10, 2024
Singapore anti-money laundering operation


On June 10, 2024, authorities sentenced Su Jianfeng, a 36-year-old Vanuatu national, to 17 months in prison. He faced charges of fraudulently using a forged document and money laundering as part of a significant Singapore anti-money laundering operation. Su Jianfeng pleaded guilty and was convicted on June 6, 2024. He became the tenth person sentenced in an extensive anti-money laundering operation. Authorities arrested him and nine others during a large-scale raid on August 15, 2023. The raid targeted a group suspected of laundering proceeds from overseas organized crime activities in Singapore.

Source: Singapore Police Force (SPF)


From November 2020 to May 2023, Su Jianfeng used fake documents to deceive financial institutions about nearly S$2 million in deposits. He fabricated a property sale contract for a Dubai apartment to justify these deposits. Moreover, his role in an illegal remote gambling operation also boosted his criminal earnings. This crackdown resulted in the seizure and forfeiture of about S$187 million in assets tied to him and his accomplices.



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Source: Brainwave Science