Shenzhen Drug Bust

June 25, 2024


Shenzhen Customs has dismantled a major drug smuggling ring, seizing over 1.1 tons of cocaine, methamphetamine, and other narcotics. This significant bust underscores the growing sophistication of drug traffickers and the importance of international cooperation in combating the illegal drug trade.

Source: ChinaDaily


This case exposes the increasing complexity of drug smuggling methods. Traffickers are resorting to creative concealment techniques and conducting test shipments to evade detection. The large quantities of narcotics seized highlight the profitability of the illegal drug trade, fueling addiction and violence globally.



iCognitive offers a unique approach to combatting drug smuggling by analyzing electrical signals in the brain. This technology works by presenting individuals with specific prompts or scenarios while measuring their brainwave activity, particularly the P300 wave. The P300 wave is a well-documented response that occurs when someone recognizes familiar information. By analyzing these brainwaves, iCognitive may reveal hidden knowledge or involuntary associations that a suspect might not consciously disclose. Here’s how it could be valuable in the fight against drug smuggling:

iCognative’s potential to identify new smuggling techniques, support investigations, and potentially improve risk assessment at border crossings could be a valuable asset for law enforcement agencies working to dismantle drug trafficking networks. .

Source: Brainwave Science