Scotland Thwarts Major Terror Attack: Operation Ferulic Leads to Arrest

June 21, 2024
Scotland Operation Ferulic


In a significant Scotland Terror Attack Prevention effort, Police Scotland, led a multi-agency counterterrorism investigation named Operation Ferulic, arrested a 16-year-old on charges related to the preparation of a firearms attack in Edinburgh. The National Crime Agency (NCA) disclosed these details, highlighting the collaborative efforts in the inquiry.

Source: BBC


Operation Ferulic was initiated due to credible threats of an imminent terrorist attack in the Edinburgh area, contributing to Scotland Terror Attack Prevention measures. A 16-year-old was subsequently charged under the Terrorism Act 2000 and brought before Livingston Sheriff Court. The operation not only involved traditional law enforcement techniques but also integrated forensic psychologists, behavioral advisors, and interview specialists to manage risks and prepare for interrogations. The NCA’s involvement also highlighted a broader commitment to tackling organized crime, impacting activities related to human trafficking and cybercrime.



iCognative technology could revolutionize the way security agencies handle such sensitive investigations by providing a non-invasive method to confirm a suspect’s knowledge of planned criminal activities. Here’s how iCognative could enhance the effectiveness of operations like Ferulic:

Applying iCognative in this context not only sharpens the investigative accuracy but also significantly cuts down on the time required to identify real threats, ultimately safeguarding public safety more effectively.

Source: Brainwave Science