Brainwave Science, Inc. Introduces Groundbreaking Advancements in iCognative® Technology, Revolutionizing Field Investigations and Deception Detection

May 6, 2024

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brainwave Science, Inc., a leader in Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology and concealed information detection, is thrilled to announce significant advancements in its iCognative® technology with the launch of the new iCognative® Web Application. This innovation represents a significant leap forward, setting a new benchmark in the fields of security, investigation, and truth verification technologies.

Under the leadership of CEO Krishna Ika, Brainwave Science has been pioneering the use of P-300 and biometric systems to offer unparalleled accuracy in deception detection, future intention, and planning identification. The iCognative® Web Application, built on this cutting-edge technology, now allows field investigators and law enforcement agencies to access these capabilities more intuitively and efficiently than ever before, without the need for extensive training or specialized equipment.

Key Advancements and Features of the iCognative® Technology:

“Our mission at Brainwave Science is to empower truth-seekers with the most advanced tools and technologies available,” stated CEO Krishna Ika. “The latest advancements in iCognative® technology, particularly through the introduction of the Web Application, are a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in support of global security and investigative efforts.”

The iCognative® Web Application and the enhancements in iCognative® technology represent the future of investigative techniques, offering solutions beyond traditional methods to combat fraud, deception, and security threats more effectively. For more information about iCognative® technology and Brainwave Science, Inc., please visit

About Brainwave Science, Inc.:

Brainwave Science stands at the forefront of security and investigation, propelling the capabilities of concealed information detection to new heights. Renowned for its innovative iCognative technology, the company is a beacon in the fields of National and Homeland Security, intelligence, and law enforcement, providing critical solutions for detecting hidden truths. Their commitment lies in delivering tools that promise accuracy and reliability, crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of societies and nations around the globe.