Portugal Cocaine Bust: iCognative™ Targets Traffickers

April 18, 2024


A major Portugal cocaine bust, dubbed “Operation Squid,” resulted in the seizure of over 1.3 tons of cocaine hidden in frozen fish. Seven men have been arrested as part of this ongoing campaign targeting drug trafficking networks in Europe. This seizure highlights vulnerabilities in global shipping and follows other recent drug busts.

Source: CBS News 


This Portugal cocaine bust, known as “Operation Squid,” along with recent seizures in Spain and the UK,reveals the scale of drug trafficking operations. Criminals use food shipments for concealment, posing a major challenge. Disrupting these networks requires international cooperation and advanced investigative techniques.



iCognative™, an advanced investigative tool, uncovers hidden knowledge in suspects by presenting confidential information and gauging their familiarity with it. It could be a valuable investigative tool in enhancing the “Operation Squid” investigation.

Technologies like iCognative™ can aid in complex investigations such as “Operation Squid” by uncovering hidden knowledge, crucial for disrupting and dismantling transnational drug networks. 

Source: Brainwave Science