Poland Foreign Espionage: Can iCognitive™ Disrupt Networks?

April 25, 2024


Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has conducted searches as part of a joint investigation with European security services. This investigation focuses on alleged Poland foreign espionage by a foreign state, particularly initiatives and media campaigns designed to undermine European security.



Poland’s key role in supplying Ukraine makes it a prime target for foreign espionage and influence operations. This investigation underscores the ongoing threat of Poland foreign espionage to European security, particularly during the current conflict. The cross-border operation emphasizes the need for international collaboration against these threats.



iCognative™, an advanced investigative technology, could be crucial in dismantling the network operating at the behest of a foreign state. By presenting suspects with confidential details and analyzing their brainwave responses, iCognative™ reveals hidden connections, exposes collaborators, and accelerates the unraveling of the network, bolstering European security.

iCognative’s ability to reveal hidden knowledge offers a powerful tool for Polish investigators. Moreover, by strategically probing suspects’ familiarity with the network’s details, iCognative™ could expedite the dismantling of this operation and safeguard European security.

Source: Brainwave Science