Orange Cyber Attack: Spain’s Telecom Provider Faces Security Breach

June 17, 2024
Cyber attack


The Spanish unit of telecoms provider Orange experienced a cyber-attack on Wednesday, impacting an undisclosed number of clients who were unable to access certain websites. The attack targeted Orange’s IP network coordination center. While the unauthorized access was mostly resolved and neutralized, the company confirmed that clients’ data was not compromised.



The cyber-attack on Orange, Spain’s second-largest telecoms provider, has exposed critical vulnerabilities in its infrastructure security against evolving cyber threats. Promptly neutralizing the breach, however, widespread internet access disruption for many clients underscored potential cybersecurity weaknesses. This incident highlights the urgent need for strengthened security protocols to defend against future threats. Improved departmental collaboration can enhance overall cybersecurity preparedness.



iCognative™ utilizes advanced brainwave analysis to detect individuals with specific knowledge of criminal activities. In the context of the Orange cyber-attack, iCognative™ offers significant benefits by identifying insiders with detailed information about the breach, thereby expediting investigations and bolstering cybersecurity measures.

By integrating iCognative™ into its cybersecurity framework, Orange can enhance resilience against future cyber threats, ensuring a secure environment for its clientele.

Source: Brainwave Science