Norwegian Espionage Arrest: Citizen Detained for Spying for China

July 2, 2024
Norwegian Espionage


Norwegian authorities recently arrested a man at Oslo international airport, suspecting him of spying for China. Given the case’s sensitive nature tied to national security, Norway’s security agency, PST, has opted to remain reserved about the details.

Source: AP News


Upon his return from China, officials immediately took the unidentified man into custody. Known as a well-connected individual, he faces accusations of managing sensitive information, presumably intended for Chinese intelligence. The legal proceedings have commenced swiftly, with the court remanding him for four weeks under charges of engaging in serious intelligence activities that compromise state secrets. Despite the grave allegations, his lawyer has stated that the man denies all charges and will plead not guilty.



In the investigation concerning the Norwegian suspected of spying for China, iCognative technology significantly aids the process. This method dynamically assesses the suspect’s brainwave responses to stimuli closely linked to the espionage allegations. For instance, the suspect views images or details of sensitive documents and communications potentially shared with foreign intelligence. As this occurs, iCognative technology captures and analyzes his brain’s reaction to identify recognition patterns, signaling familiarity with the espionage elements. This response can decisively indicate his involvement, thus speeding up the investigation and providing highly reliable evidence drawn directly from the suspect’s brain responses.

By utilizing iCognative, law enforcement not only verifies the suspect’s involvement but also strengthens their ability to effectively resolve cases involving national security with enhanced precision and speed.

Source: Brainwave Science