Norway Parliament Bomb Threat: Can iCognative™ Aid the Case?

May 3, 2024


A Norway Parliament bomb threat triggered a swift security response at the Stortinget. Authorities tightened measures around the building, blocking off nearby streets as a precaution. While members of parliament continued their crucial work, the public audience was evacuated to ensure safety.

Source: Reuters


This Norway Parliament bomb threat underscores the ongoing security challenges faced by government institutions, even in stable countries like Norway. It’s a stark reminder that political figures and governing bodies remain potential targets for those with hostile intentions. While the specifics of the threat remain under investigation, the decisive response by authorities highlights the importance of established security protocols.



iCognative™ uses advanced brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge. For this case, authorities could expose suspects to stimuli related to the bomb threat (e.g., materials, locations, communication details). Individuals possessing such knowledge will exhibit distinct brainwave patterns. This technology could help investigators identify the culprit or clear innocent parties, even in the absence of a confession.

While the bomb threat reinforces the need for vigilant security protocols, it also highlights the potential of innovative technologies like iCognative™ to support investigations and potentially prevent future attacks against democratic institutions.

Source: Brainwave Science