Norway 2024 Cybercrime Report: Key Insights

April 23, 2024


The Norway 2024 Cybercrime Report unveils a complex landscape of cyber threats impacting individual security, corporate integrity, and national infrastructure. This comprehensive analysis, orchestrated by Kripos and endorsed by the Norwegian Police Directorate (POD), marks a pivotal step towards innovative solutions to combat the evolving spectrum of cybercriminal activities detailed within. 

Source: Norway Police


The report details a significant rise in cybercrime activities, ranging from high-tech financial frauds to invasive personal crimes such as blackmail and sexual exploitation. Criminal acts are becoming more accessible due to the commercialization of cybercrime, where criminal services are readily available online. This has lowered barriers to entry, expanding the breadth and complexity of threats. Law enforcement has achieved significant success. This includes removing 20,000 links containing abusive material from the internet. They also secured approximately 90,000 videos and one million photos of abusive content.



iCognative technology works by Investigators inputting confidential, crime-relevant information into the iCognative system. The system then displays this information to suspects as images, words, or phrases during a controlled test. This process elicits brainwave responses that are distinctive when the subject recognizes the information. Investigators will use iCognative to prevent cyber threats by

iCognative stands out as a transformative tool in the arsenal against cybercrime, offering Norwegian law enforcement a substantial edge. By leveraging this advanced technology, law enforcement can enhance their capabilities, address the sophisticated nature of modern cybercrimes, and resolve cases with heightened efficiency and precision. 

Source: Brainwave Science