Netherlands Phishing Network Dismantled in Global Operation

May 8, 2024


A major international law enforcement operation has successfully dismantled a Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS) network linked to the Netherlands phishing network. This network, known as LabHost, provided fraudulent websites and tools to over 2,000 criminals across 18 countries. Five individuals in the Netherlands were arrested as part of a global takedown effort.

Source: DutchNews


This case highlights the concerning trend of cybercrime becoming a professionalized service industry. CaaS platforms offer easy access to tools and expertise for criminals, lowering the barrier to entry for online scams. The Netherlands phishing network exemplifies this trend, and its rapid growth – generating over €1 million in just two years – emphasizes the significant financial rewards fueling cybercrime.



iCognative™ analyzes brainwave patterns to potentially uncover hidden knowledge. In the Dutch phishing network case, investigators could expose suspects to stimuli related to the LabHost operation, like website templates, targeted institution names, or specialized tools. Those with deeper knowledge might exhibit distinctive brainwave patterns, revealing collaborators or higher-level figures within the criminal network.


While traditional methods apprehended the initial suspects, iCognative™ offers the potential to unmask a wider web of collaborators and pinpoint the network’s hierarchy. It could be a key tool in more comprehensively dismantling the LabHost operation.

Source: Brainwave Science