Myanmar Migrants Smuggling in Thailand: Trafficker Arrested by Police

June 12, 2024
Myanmar migrants smuggling in Thailand


Thai police captured a trafficker involved in Myanmar migrants smuggling in Thailand on Highway 117 in Phichit Province. The operation occurred when Vorabodin Lertsuphasinsatit and his team from the Highway Police Division intercepted a vehicle carrying 11 Myanmar nationals. Each migrant had paid 15,000 baht to travel to Ayutthaya for work.

Source: Thaiger


Police responded to a tip-off about a smuggling route from Ban Tak District to Ayutthaya, setting up strategic checkpoints along Highway 117. They spotted the suspect vehicle and pursued it when the driver tried to flee, quickly apprehending it at a police blockade. Thosaphon, the driver from Tak Province, admitted to regularly transporting migrants across the border to Mae Sot, picking them up and driving them to various locations in Thailand.



In this scenario, iCognative technology offers a powerful tool for law enforcement. By analyzing brain responses to specific stimuli related to human trafficking, the technology identifies the P300-MERMER brain response. This response occurs when a suspect recognizes information linked to their illegal activities. Thus, this objective measure helps confirm a suspect’s involvement in smuggling operations. It provides crucial evidence that is free from biases. Furthermore, it is more reliable than traditional interrogation methods.

The use of iCognative could revolutionize how authorities tackle Myanmar migrants smuggling in Thailand, ensuring more accurate investigations and stronger legal outcomes.

Source: Brainwave Science