Major UK Fraud Bust: Operation Henhouse Nets 400+ Suspects

April 12, 2024


A Major UK Fraud Bust known as Operation Henhouse has resulted in over 400 arrests and the seizure of £19 million in assets. The operation involved collaboration across UK police forces, regional crime units, and national agencies. This year’s operation demonstrates a significant increase in effectiveness compared to previous iterations. 

Source: National Crime Agency, UK 


Fraud remains a major UK crime, costing billions and devastating victims. This Major UK Fraud Bust, dubbed Operation Henhouse, highlights the complexity of combating fraud, which often requires multi-force and multi-agency collaboration for success. The operation’s success highlights the power of coordinated law enforcement in disrupting criminal activities.



iCognative™ is a powerful investigative tool that unlocks hidden knowledge. Authorities input confidential details, and iCognative™ presents them strategically. Analyzing brainwave responses helps determine if a suspect is concealing knowledge. In a complex fraud crackdown like Operation Henhouse, iCognative™ could be a powerful tool. 

iCognative™ presents a powerful solution for cases like Operation Henhouse, offering law enforcement crucial insights into fraud networks and tactics. Leveraging its capabilities could significantly enhance efforts to combat financial crime and target key individuals involved.

Source: Brainwave Science