Kuwait Ruling Family Member Arrested in Major Drug Bust

May 30, 2024


The Ministry of Interior has recently conducted a significant operation leading to the arrest of a member of the ruling family for growing marijuana at his residence, marking a key event in the ongoing Kuwait ruling family drug arrest case. In addition to this high-profile arrest, authorities also detained three Asian nationals found with various narcotics. The operation uncovered 270 marijuana plants and over five tonnes of ready-to-use marijuana, among other substances.

Source: Times Kuwait


The Kuwait ruling family drug arrest sheds light on profound challenges within the ruling class and underscores broader regional issues of drug use and trafficking The involvement of a ruling family member in these activities makes the case highly sensitive and impactful, attracting widespread attention. The seized quantities suggest a sophisticated operation, showing that drug trade and consumption infiltrate all societal levels, including the elite.



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Source: Brainwave Science