Major Irish Cannabis Seizure Nets €3.68 Million

May 10, 2024


In a major Irish cannabis seizure, authorities successfully seized €3.68 million worth of cannabis in two separate intelligence-led operations on May 7th, 2024. Two men were arrested and are currently detained under drug trafficking charges.

Source: Irelands National Police and Security Service


This significant Irish cannabis seizure underscores the ongoing battle against illicit drug trafficking in Ireland. Moreover, the collaborative effort between the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (GNDOCB) and Revenue Customs Service highlights the importance of multi-agency cooperation in disrupting drug supply chains. The large quantity of seized cannabis in this Irish cannabis seizure indicates a robust illicit market, potentially linked to organized crime networks.



iCognative™ employs cutting-edge brainwave analysis to reveal concealed information. In this case, investigators could expose the arrested suspects to stimuli linked to the operation, such as images of seized packaging or transport details. If suspects have deeper involvement, they would exhibit distinctive brainwave patterns. This technology could help identify not only the arrested individuals but also higher-level figures in the trafficking network.

While the initial arrests are a success, iCognative™ could take the investigation further. By analyzing brainwave responses, it could potentially uncover hidden connections and reveal the full extent of this drug trafficking operation.

Source: Brainwave Science