Interpol arrests 219 criminals in human trafficking operation

July 3, 2024


A major international anti-human trafficking operation, Operation Global Chain, led to 219 arrests and the identification of 1,374 potential victims, including 153 children, across 39 countries. Conducted by Interpol from June 3-9, the operation involved police and border guards from multiple continents and targeted criminal networks involved in sexual exploitation, forced labor, and forced begging.

Source: MSNNews


Operation Global Chain, coordinated by Austria with support from Romania, Europol, Frontex, and Interpol, aimed to disrupt high-risk human trafficking networks. The operation spanned 39 countries and focused on rescuing victims and apprehending traffickers. Authorities initiated 276 new investigations, identified 362 additional suspects, and seized 2,074 criminal assets, including cash and equipment. The operation also uncovered 363 fraudulent documents, highlighting the extensive reach and complexity of human trafficking rings.



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Source: Brainwave Science