Insider Espionage: Ex-Defense Contractor Betrays Nation

May 7, 2024


Former defense contractor John Murray Rowe Jr. has pleaded guilty to attempted espionage and disclosure of classified national defense information to a foreign government. This follows a year-long undercover FBI operation and Rowe’s subsequent arrest. His actions underscore the threat of insider espionage.

Source: USA


This case highlights the persistent threat of insider espionage, even from individuals with long histories in cleared positions. Rowe’s actions demonstrate the vulnerability of sensitive national defense information, even within secure environments, when personnel become disaffected or compromised.



iCognative™ utilizes brainwave analysis to unveil concealed information. In espionage cases, investigators could employ it by presenting suspects with stimuli related to compromised data. In the John Murray Rowe case, investigators could present details about leaked electronic countermeasure systems paired with unrelated military tech. Unique brainwave patterns could both confirm Rowe’s guilt and potentially implicate accomplices.

While John Murray Rowe’s case highlights the dangers of insider threats, iCognative™ technology offers a potentially revolutionary tool. By analyzing brainwaves, it has the potential to pinpoint culprits, expose accomplices, and deter future espionage attempts.

Source: Brainwave Science