Operation Colbert II Strikes Against Illicit Tobacco Trafficking

April 29, 2024


Operation Colbert II, a French national operation targeting illicit tobacco trafficking, resulted in a record seizure of 27 tonnes of goods. This represents a threefold increase from the previous operation. The operation led to 108 arrests and 52 requests for business closures. Importantly, it showcased collaboration between 10,122 agents from diverse agencies. 

Source: Ministry of the Interior and the Overseas, France


Operation Colbert II spotlights the ongoing battle against illicit tobacco trade, a significant source of revenue loss and a public health threat in France. The operation’s success highlights the value of coordinated efforts against organized smuggling networks. Additionally, the substantial increase in seizures underscores the challenge’s scale and the need for ongoing vigilance and strategic disruption. 



While Operation Colbert II achieved positive results, traditional investigative methods often rely heavily on physical evidence and witness testimony. Conversely, iCognative™ offers a potentially powerful tool, as it delves directly into a suspect’s mind. 

Operation Colbert II’s achievements are significant. However, iCognative™ offers the potential for proactive identification of network members and their connections. Consequently, this could lead to a more preventative approach to disrupting illicit tobacco trafficking. 

Source: Brainwave Science