Identity Theft Wrongful Imprisonment: Decades-Long Scheme Exposed

April 9, 2024


Identity theft and wrongful imprisonment collide in a shocking case. Former IT administrator Matthew David Keirans has pleaded guilty to a decades-long identity theft scheme. He stole the identity of William Woods, ultimately leading to Woods’ wrongful arrest.

Source: CBSNews


This disturbing case exposes the devastating impact of identity theft. Keirans maintained the charade for over 30 years. This allowed him to build a career and family under Woods’ name. Sadly, Woods’ homelessness made him especially vulnerable, hindering his ability to prove his innocence. Keiran’s position as an IT administrator likely gave him access to the tools and information needed to sustain the lie.


The complexity of this case highlights the challenges victims of identity theft and wrongful imprisonment often face.


iCognative™ is a brainwave-based tool that detects whether someone possesses specific knowledge. In identity theft cases, investigators could input confidential information about the victim’s life and test suspects to verify if they know these details. iCognitive could be a powerful tool for future investigations. For example:

iCognative’s potential in identity theft cases extends beyond verifying suspects. The technology could identify patterns in these crimes, aiding law enforcement in preventing them before they cause irreversible harm. This case underscores the urgency of developing innovative tools to protect identities in an increasingly digital world.

Source: Brainwave Science