Greatly reduce financial losses

The staggering cost of fraud in the U.S. economy, estimated at over $272 billion annually, represents a significant drain on healthcare spending. With such a vast sum at risk, it is no surprise that fraud has become a prime target for criminal activity. Fraud is having a detrimental effect on government agencies, employers, and individuals, driving up premiums and making coverage more expensive for all. The human cost of this problem is immense, and it will only continue to worsen if decisive action is not taken soon to address it.

Lower the cost of rising premiums

Protect patients and healthcare system

One solution to this problem is P300 science iCognative™, a cutting-edge technology that can effectively identify fraudulent activity committed insiders who are connected fraudsters. By mandating iCognative™ tests in cases of suspected fraud, insurance companies can verify the authenticity of documentation and personal statements, preventing scammers from obtaining undeserved financial gain. With its ability to detect and deter fraud, P300 science iCognative™ has the potential to greatly reduce the financial burden on the healthcare industry and help to mitigate the rising cost of healthcare coverage for all Americans.

iCognative™ can be used in:

  • violation of laws prohibiting kickbacks and financial agreements
  • upcoding
  • risk adjustment fraud
  • unbundling
  • billing for services not provided
  • billing for services that are not medically necessary
  • billing for unauthorized locations
  • electronic health record fraud
  • off-label marketing of prescription drugs
  • defective products and manufacturing violations
  • discount/rebate and other pricing fraud