iCognative™ - Healthcare Application


A scientifically advanced tool for uncovering concealed crime-related information in a suspect’s brain.


A revolutionary tool that uses science to reveal the hidden intentions in a suspect’s brain, providing insight into their true motivations.


iCognative™ utilizes the power of electroencephalography (EEG) to track brainwave responses with unparalleled accuracy. Using a headset outfitted with metal prongs sensors, electrical activity is recorded seamlessly from the scalp without causing any discomfort or transmitted sensations to the subject.

iCognative headset

Protect patients and healthcare system

One solution to this problem is iCognative™, a cutting-edge technology that can effectively identify fraud committed by various providers. By mandating iCognative™ tests in cases of suspected fraud, health insurance companies can verify the authenticity of documentation and personal statements, preventing scammers from obtaining undeserved financial gain.