Global Ransomware Threat: NCSC Warns of AI’s Impact

June 19, 2024
Global Ransomware Threat


Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to heighten the global ransomware threat over the next two years, according to cyber chiefs. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warns that AI is already in use for malicious cyber activities and will likely escalate cyber attacks, including ransomware. This advancement will empower less experienced cyber criminals and hacktivists to conduct more effective data breaches and infiltration operations. NCSC urges both organizations and individuals to adopt stringent protective measures against these rising threats.

Source: National Cyber Security Centre


The NCSC’s report emphasizes the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity as AI continues to evolve. The recent Synnovis London cyber attack exemplifies the chaos AI-driven ransomware can cause. This attack on a pathology lab severely disrupted hospitals, resulting in the rescheduling of over 800 surgeries and 700 outpatient appointments. With AI lowering the entry barriers for cyber criminals, the frequency and complexity of attacks on critical infrastructure are expected to soar. Organizations must bolster their defenses to thwart these evolving threats.



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Source: Brainwave Science