Ghana Cocaine Bust: US$6.4 Million Seized at Kotoka Airport

June 12, 2024
Ghana Cocaine Bust


On June 10, 2024, Ghana’s Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), in partnership with the UK National Crime Agency, captured 166.88kg of cocaine worth US$6.4 million at Kotoka International Airport (KIA). This major Ghana cocaine bust led to the arrest of two British citizens, Hall Shamin Ethline and Graham Omar Adel, as they tried to board a flight to Gatwick with hidden cocaine in their luggage.

Source: GhanaWeb


This operation was a strategic, intelligence-led crackdown aimed at stopping drug trafficking through key international hubs. Each suspect had checked in three bags, all loaded with cocaine, totaling 72 slabs. This event highlights NACOC’s alertness and the robust international collaboration between Ghana and the UK in tackling drug trafficking. The prompt action by the authorities also demonstrates their dedication to traveler safety and the protection of international travel standards.



In this situation, iCognative technology analyzes brain responses to details of the drug trafficking operation. Consequently, it detects brainwave patterns (P300-MERMER) when a suspect recognizes crime-related information. Therefore, this objective measure validates a suspect’s knowledge of the operation, establishing involvement without subjective testimony or circumstantial evidence. Moreover, using iCognative technology enhances investigation accuracy and reduces reliance on unreliable witness accounts. Ultimately, it ensures a more reliable and objective approach to identifying criminal involvement.

Implementing iCognative in the ongoing investigation could significantly boost NACOC’s capabilities to dismantle drug trafficking networks and enhance security measures at national and international levels.

Source: Brainwave Science