Germany Faces Far-Right Threat as Coup Plot Trial Begins

June 18, 2024


Eight Germans face trial in Munich, the final leg of a sprawling case against an alleged far-right coup accused of plotting to overthrow the German government. This group, fueled by conspiracy theories and led by a self-proclaimed prince, planned to storm parliament and install a new leader. The trial comes amid rising concerns about far-right extremism in Germany.

Source: APNews


This case exposes a serious threat to German democracy. The plotters, driven by extremist ideologies, aimed to dismantle the government through violence. Their stockpiled weapons and “enemy lists” indicate a well-developed plan. It raises concerns about potential copycat attempts or further radicalization within far-right circles.



iCognitive offers a unique perspective in combating far-right extremism by analyzing electrical signals in the brain. This technology can potentially assess an individual’s susceptibility to extremist ideology or the effectiveness of de-radicalization programs. By measuring brainwave activity in response to specific stimuli, iCognitive might reveal hidden extremist beliefs or a person’s true receptiveness to counter-conspiracy messages. This information could be invaluable in identifying potential threats, tailoring rehabilitation efforts, and ultimately safeguarding German democracy.

iCognitive’s potential to identify true believers and assess the effectiveness of deradicalization efforts could be an asset for German authorities in tackling the threat of far-right extremism.

Source: Brainwave Science