Germany Battles Far-Right Coup Plot: 26 Extremists Face Trial 

May 1, 2024


A major Germany far-right coup plot case unfolds in Stuttgart, where nine alleged extremists stand trial. They face charges of plotting a violent coup to overthrow the government. Authorities believe they belong to a larger network with ties to extremist ideologies like QAnon and the Reichsbuerger movement. Three separate trials will prosecute the 26 suspects nationwide.

Source: Reuters


This Germany far-right coup plot highlights the escalating threat of far-right extremism within the country. The plotters embraced bizarre conspiracy theories and actively planned to install a new regime. Their beliefs align with the Reichsbuerger movement, known for its rejection of the modern German state. The plot’s complexity and the suspects’ backgrounds underscore the danger posed by these extremist groups.



iCognative™ employs cutting-edge brainwave analysis to uncover concealed information. Suspects are exposed to stimuli related to the alleged coup, such as leader names, plans, and locations, while their brain responses are measured. Those with pertinent knowledge exhibit unique brainwave patterns, distinguishing them from uninvolved individuals. 

While traditional investigations proceed, iCognative™’s brainwave analysis could prove vital. This technology can help pinpoint key players, expose the network’s structure, and potentially reveal hidden plans to thwart future attacks.

Source: Brainwave Science