Over 120,000 Cases Unveiled in Georgian Baby Trafficking Scandal

July 5, 2024
Georgian Baby Trafficking Scandal


Georgian authorities have exposed a vast baby trafficking scandal, involving more than 120,000 children falsely declared dead and sold to adoptive families worldwide. This criminal network includes maternity hospitals, nurseries, and adoption agencies that orchestrated illegal adoptions for decades.

Source: Gulf News


The discovery of this Georgian baby trafficking scandal began with twin sisters, Elene Deisadze and Anna Panchulidze, who unraveled their own involvement through a DNA test. Consequently, numerous families have awoken to the appalling truth that their children, whom they believed were dead, are alive and were sold to other families. Investigators are now tackling the enormous challenge of dismantling a well-entrenched network that spans multiple countries and decades, making evidence collection and prosecution increasingly complex.



iCognative technology transforms the approach to solving the Georgian baby trafficking scandal. This innovative method actively analyzes suspects’ brain responses when they encounter specific stimuli closely related to the alleged criminal activities. Authorities can, for example, present suspects with photographs of the children involved, documents from the transactions, or images from the implicated hospitals as stimuli. Here’s how iCognative could effectively address the challenges of this investigation:

In conclusion, employing iCognative ensures that investigations rely on direct, hard-to-contest evidence from suspects’ brains, enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness of legal proceedings in such a complex and sensitive case.

Source: Brainwave Science