Finland Parliament Hacking: iCognative Could Expose Perpetrators

April 12, 2024


Finnish Parliament’s information systems were targeted in a sophisticated cyberattack discovered in 2020. Finnish authorities investigating the parliament hacking in Finland have confirmed the involvement of the APT31 hacking group. Additionally, a suspect in the case has been identified.

Source: National Bureau of Investigation


State-sponsored cyberattacks against government institutions are a serious national security threat. Hacking groups like APT31, with their resources and expertise, can penetrate even the most robust cybersecurity defenses. The Finland Parliament hacking highlights the growing danger of these attacks and the urgent need for cutting-edge investigative tools.



iCognative™ works by inputting confidential information known only to investigators and potential perpetrators into the technology. It then detects whether this information is present within the suspect’s brain. In the case of the Parliament hacking, the technology offers a unique and powerful tool to aid investigators:

The Finnish Parliament cyberattack underscores the critical need for advanced technologies in combating sophisticated digital threats. iCognative technology provides a valuable investigative tool with the potential to identify perpetrators, expose the strategies of state-sponsored attackers, strengthen national cybersecurity defenses, and deliver justice with an accuracy rate close to 99%.

Source: Brainwave Science