Extremist Attack in Mali: 21 Killed at Wedding Ceremony

July 4, 2024


In a recent attack in Mali, extremists killed at least 21 people during a wedding ceremony. The incident occurred in Djiguibombo village, central Mali, as the West African nation’s military struggles to combat escalating extremist violence.

Source: AP News


The attack in Djiguibombo village highlights the persistent and growing threat of extremist violence in Mali. On Monday evening, assailants on motorcycles targeted a wedding ceremony, surrounding attendees and killing at least 21 people, many of whom had their throats slit. This attack follows a pattern typical of the al-Qaida-linked JNIM extremist group, which frequently targets the region. Since 2012, communities in central and northern Mali have faced severe violence. Despite French troops expelling extremist rebels from northern cities in 2013, the insurgents have regrouped and continue to launch attacks on remote villages and security forces. The 2015 peace deal with ethnic Tuareg rebels has collapsed, further exacerbating the security crisis as Mali’s military rulers struggle to maintain control.



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Source: Brainwave Science