Europe Drug Cartel Dismantled: 8,000 Kg Cocaine Seized, 40 Arrests

June 13, 2024
Europe Drug Cartel Dismantled


A significant Europe drug cartel has collapsed following final arrests in Spain. The criminal network, with leaders intercepted in Dubai and Türkiye, organized multi-tonne cocaine trafficking from South America to the EU. A long-term investigation led by the Spanish Civil Guard, supported by Europol, culminated in this major operation, the final action in a series of efforts spanning three years. This internationally coordinated operation involved Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Türkiye, under Europol’s Operational Taskforce.

Source: Europol


The operation targeted a criminal network orchestrating multi-tonne cocaine trafficking from Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador to the EU. The cartel used maritime shipments through West Africa and the Canary Islands, distributing the cocaine across Europe via handling centers in Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Leaders in Türkiye and Dubai controlled the network. In August 2023, the Spanish Civil Guard intercepted a vessel with 700 kilograms of cocaine near the Canary Islands, revealing further connections to earlier interceptions. This intelligence led to coordinated international actions, resulting in arrests and significant seizures.



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Source: Brainwave Science