13 Arrested in Major European Drug Trafficking Operation

July 3, 2024
European Drug Trafficking Operation Arrests


Authorities across Europe have arrested 13 individuals in a major crackdown on drug trafficking. This collaborative effort, led by Italy and supported by Eurojust and Europol, spanned five countries including Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Ukraine.

Source: Europol


The investigation began in 2021 when Italian authorities uncovered a syndicate involved in distributing cannabis and cocaine across Europe. Eurojust facilitated coordination, enabling simultaneous raids and ensuring the syndicate could not evade capture. This operation underscored the power of international cooperation in combating organized crime.



In the crackdown on a drug trafficking network across Europe, iCognative technology stands out as a revolutionary tool. This method evaluates suspects’ brain responses to stimuli directly connected to their alleged crimes. For example, authorities could show suspects images of trafficked drugs, maps of routes used, or communications between network members. When exposed to these stimuli, iCognative technology measures the brain’s responses. A significant reaction indicates recognition, suggesting the suspect’s prior knowledge of the stimuli and, thus, involvement in the trafficking activities.

By leveraging iCognative, departments enhance their investigative accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that those genuinely involved do not escape justice, all while relying on evidence that originates directly from the suspect’s brain—making it exceptionally difficult to contest.

Source: Brainwave Science