EU VAT Fraud: €85 Million VAT Fraud Ringleader Caught in Kenya

June 11, 2024


The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) has arrested a suspected ringleader of a €85 million EU VAT fraud scheme in Nairobi, Kenya. The Danish citizen, who had been on the run since November 2023, was apprehended after a six-month surveillance operation codenamed “Goliath.” This operation follows the arrest of another ringleader in November, dismantling a major international criminal organization.

Source: EPPO


This case highlights the expanding reach of the EPPO, established to combat financial crimes against the EU. The successful arrest in Kenya demonstrates international cooperation in tackling complex VAT carousel fraud. This scheme involves creating a chain of companies across borders to exploit loopholes in VAT collection, leading to significant financial losses for the EU and member states.



While traditional investigative techniques are crucial, iCognitive, a technology that analyzes brainwaves to detect hidden knowledge, could be a valuable tool in such complex cases:

By providing insights into the knowledge and potential connections of suspects, iCognitive could assist the EPPO and national law enforcement agencies in dismantling VAT fraud networks, recovering stolen funds, and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Source: Brainwave Science