EU COVID Fund Fraud Crackdown: 22 Arrested, Millions Seized

May 3, 2024


A major EU COVID Fund fraud operation resulted in 22 arrests across Europe. Authorities seized a staggering €600 million ($652 million) worth of assets, including villas, luxury cars, gold, and cryptocurrency. The suspects, targeted by Italian police and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), allegedly defrauded EU pandemic recovery funds and Italian building improvement schemes.

Source: BBC News


This case highlights the severe threat posed by criminals targeting generous EU financial aid programs. The RRF (COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Facility) and Italian building schemes are prime examples. The suspects employed sophisticated tactics, including front companies and money laundering, demonstrating their determination to exploit these programs. This incident further reinforces the growing concern about fraud, as highlighted in the EPPO’s annual report.



iCognative™ offers a revolutionary approach to investigations. By utilizing brainwave analysis, it can detect hidden knowledge about criminal activities. In this case, authorities could expose suspects to stimuli related to specific fraudulent schemes or money laundering methods. Those with deeper knowledge would exhibit distinct brainwave patterns.

While this case exposes the vulnerabilities of aid programs, the arrests demonstrate a victory against fraud exploiting EU recovery efforts. Traditional investigative methods are essential, however, incorporating innovative tools like iCognative™ could further disrupt criminal networks, potentially leading to a greater recovery of stolen funds.

Source: Brainwave Science