Egypt Crypto Scam: Authorities Arrest 29 in HoggPool Fraud Case

June 4, 2024


Egypt authorities have arrested 29 people in a major crypto scam, including 13 foreign citizens. They are accused of operating the online cryptocurrency scheme “HoggPool.” The network defrauded thousands of investors, pocketing around $620,000. The scam promised large profits from cryptocurrency mining and trading services. However, it abruptly ceased operations in February, vanishing with the money. Authorities reported that the network was planning to launch a new platform called “Riot” when the arrests were made.

Source: Aljazeera


Egypt’s crackdown on the HoggPool cryptocurrency scam reveals vulnerabilities in online investment schemes. The fraudulent platform promised substantial financial gains, luring thousands of investors by exploiting attractive foreign exchange rates. Despite the illegality of cryptocurrency activities in Egypt, the scheme attracted significant investment before disappearing with the funds. The arrests included 16 Egyptians and 13 foreign nationals, highlighting the international nature of the fraud. Authorities seized numerous devices and bank cards, which will aid in the investigation.



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Source: Brainwave Science