Spain Leads Europe in Crackdown on Eel Smuggling

May 15, 2024


The Spanish Guardia Civil, in collaboration with Europol and 32 European countries, successfully intercepted 18 tonnes of eels and baby eels destined for illegal sale in Asia. This historic operation, aimed at curbing eel smuggling, led to the arrest of 256 suspected smugglers across Europe.

Source: Spain in English


This operation underscores the alarming rise in eel smuggling and the illegal trade of endangered European eels. Moreover, the scale of the seizure—24 tonnes across Europe, with 18 tonnes in Spain alone—exposes a well-organized and lucrative criminal network dedicated to eel smuggling. Consequently, this operation demonstrates the urgent need for coordinated international action to protect this species and combat wildlife trafficking.



iCognative™ uses advanced brainwave analysis to uncover hidden knowledge. In this case, investigators could expose suspects to stimuli related to the illicit activities. Those with deeper involvement would likely exhibit distinct brainwave patterns. This could help identify not only the arrested individuals but also higher-level figures in the smuggling ring.

While the Guardia Civil operation marks a significant victory against eel smuggling, iCognative™ technology could be a valuable tool in future investigations. Specifically, it offers the potential to expose the full extent of smuggling networks, identifying key players and protecting endangered species by aiding in the dismantling of illegal wildlife trade operations.

Source: Brainwave Science