Operation Place Nette: Major Drug Trafficking Bust in France

May 1, 2024


The Pas-de-Calais region of France became the focus of a massive Drug Trafficking Bust in France known as Operation “Place Nette 62.” Over 700 gendarmes mobilized in a multifaceted effort against delinquency and the networks fueling it. This included anti-delinquency operations, “clean territories” initiatives, and investigations into the underground economy. Security at stations and on trains was also reinforced. The operation yielded substantial results: numerous arrests were made, alongside the seizure of significant quantities of drugs, vehicles, weapons, counterfeit goods, and criminal assets.

Source: Ministry of the Interior and the Overseas, France


“Place Nette 62” underscores the complex delinquency challenges and Drug Trafficking Bust in France faced by the Pas-de-Calais region. The range of offenses targeted – from drug crimes to illegal work and environmental violations – points to the presence of a vast criminal network. The multi-agency collaboration emphasizes the need for comprehensive strategies to address these widespread problems. Finally, the operation’s success reaffirms the gendarmerie’s unwavering commitment to public safety.



iCognative™ uses advanced brainwave analysis to detect hidden knowledge. By presenting stimuli linked to criminal activity (e.g., drug types, smuggling routes, gang names), it can measure unique brain responses. Those with this knowledge will exhibit distinct patterns.

While “Place Nette 62” showcased the gendarmerie’s capabilities, incorporating iCognative™’s brainwave analysis in future operations holds promise for more effective network dismantling and proactive crime prevention. 

Source: Brainwave Science