Denmark on Edge: Terror Threat Intensifies Due to Radicalization

June 12, 2024
Terror attack


Denmark faces a heightened terrorist threat, according to the annual assessment by the Center for Terror Analysis (CTA). While the overall threat level remains at “serious” (level four on a five-point scale), the CTA warns of a more acute threat within that level. This intensification is primarily driven by two factors: perceived violations of Islam and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. The CTA predicts these dynamics will likely continue to pose a risk in 2024.

Source: PET


Several incidents in 2023 contributed to the heightened threat. Public reactions to perceived offenses against Islam and the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fueled concerns. Danish authorities even arrested individuals suspected of planning a terrorist attack potentially linked to Hamas in December 2023.



iCognitive leverages neuroscience by measuring brainwave activity in response to specific stimuli. Investigators can input confidential information into the technology. During the test, suspects are then shown carefully chosen stimuli, which may include images, videos, or text excerpts. By analyzing their brainwave patterns, iCognitive might identify individuals who show signs of recognition or engagement with the presented information. iCognative could be a valuable tool in combating this evolving threat landscape:

By offering insights into potential radicalization, hidden connections within extremist networks, and the impact of disinformation, iCognitive could be a powerful tool for Danish authorities in mitigating the evolving terrorist threat.

Source: Brainwave Science